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#SexyShred So You’re All Signed Up? What’s next?

Thank you for registering for the final cycle of #SexyShred. The Core Team is working to sort out the registration forms,  contact information (some was incomplete) and other administrative things. We plan to have a welcome email to you this weekend. If you don’t receive an email Sunday (check spam and add #SexyShred as an email filter! - All emails will have it in the subject), please shoot an email to fjsexyshredinfo@gmail.com with name, email address, Twitter name, Eventbrite confirmation email.

Thanks for your patience!

In the meantime, check out the “So you want to be a #SexyShredder” posts and start stocking up now!


So You Wanna Be A #SexyShred-der? Get Some Gloves!



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For those who plan on using the gym, support gloves are essential to giving you the best grip on weights and machines, and to keeping your hands from becoming calloused and rough. They also help minimize the spread of germs.

If you workout at home and have weights or will purchase them, gloves are helpful to have for the same reasons.

Most are $10 or less and a worthy investment.

#SexyShred Registration is CLOSED!

Thank you to everyone who signed up for the final cycle of #SexyShred!!! We are so excited for this concluding run to be our best yet.

Please hold tight as we sort out all the details and materials of this registration.You will hear from us by the end of the week.

In the meantime, please follow our core team and ambassadors on twitter.

And, of course, make sure to follow @FJSexyshredInfo for any Cycle V related updates!



@Ashe_PhoenixClean Eating Ambassador

@IamIntox - Fitness Ambassador

@inomalldaySocial Media Manager






So You Wanna Be A #SexyShred-der?: Get An Oil Sprayer


A lot of people rely on cooking sprays when making quick meals, especially breakfast foods. The problem is that these sprays contain preservatives and often alcohol-based propellants. You don’t need that


Buy your own INEXPENSIVE oil sprayer and use your #SexyShred-approved oils (extra virgin olive oil, sunflower seed oil, grapeseed oil, etc) 

Here are some options (click each picture for more information)




Become a #SexyShred Sponsor!

#SexyShred is a community undertaking. It takes support from various businesses and people to really make things happen. Because #SexyShred is a competition, we give out both cash and gift prizes. These incentives help motivate participants to give everything they have during the course of the challenge.

You can sponsor #SexyShred in THREE ways:

Business Sponsorships

Do you sell goods/products? Are you a health-based business, selling healthy, clean foods or exercise equipment? Are you a small business owner, using minimal chemicals/dyes in your products? Do you have a service you can offer that is in line with the overall mission and goals of #SexyShred? Do you support community initiatives to help people get healthier and live longer? Donate a prize and support the movement!  In return, you’ll be featured on this blog as an official sponsor and your information will be sent out not only to the participants, but to people who access their tweets, blogs, etc. #SexyShred is a growing movement, a public health community-based initiative. You definitely want your products/services attached to this positive effort!

Membership Sponsorships

While the #SexyShred registration fee is kept low to remain as accessible to as many people as possible, some people struggle with making it happen. Here’s where you can come in and be a sponsor!

Returning Shredders can join for $5 each. New members can join for $10 each.

Contact us via email FJSexyShredInfo@gmail.com to receive a sponsor form where you can indicate how much money you want to give, how many people you want to sponsor, and what the specifics of your donation are. 


  • One Shredder sponsored 4 people who identified as LGBT 
  • One non-Shredder sponsored 4 men over the age of 30 looking to get healthier
  • One Shredder sponsored women who had an auto-immune disease or were classified as morbidly obese
  • One Shredder sponsored 3 people who worked as campaign staffers during the 2012 election cycle.
  • One sponsor donated for single moms who are financially struggling

Individual Donors

If you simply want to make a donation to #SexyShred, you’re welcome to do so. #SexyShred is run by a team of 15 people dedicated to helping hundreds of people get on the path to healthier living. Their hard work can’t be quantified, but your support shows appreciation. All donations will go directly to the operation of the #SexyShred challenge.

Whatever you wish to make happen, you can offer that sponsorship or donation. You can be an individual or a business. You can be a participant yourself or support from the sidelines.

Contact FJSexyShredInfo@gmail.com for more information about becoming either a business/prize sponsor, a membership sponsor, or an individual donor.


What’s New for #SexyShred Cycle V?

Since its inception in August of 2012,  has become, arguably, the biggest, most successful social-media based health and fitness challenges to date. In the past year, over 1,000 people have participated in 4 different cycles of this 4-week challenge. 

Almost 1.5 years later, we are about to do Cycle V, which will be our final one. 

This being last hurrah, we are working around the clock to make sure that this will be the best cycle to date!

There are some changes being made to for this final Cycle. Some have already been shared, but we’re listing them all here for easy consumption.

  1. We are limiting participation in Cycle V to 350 people. We’ve had as many as 600 ppl sign up per cycle. That’s too many. We believe that we can provide a better experience with a smaller community of Shredders, so we’re keeping it at 350 ppl.
  2.  Registration for will only last ONE week, 12/15-12/22. . If you’re about it, you will get it in on time.
  3.  We are focusing more on the cash prizes, which means they will increase this Cycle. That’s right, you can win even MORE money! 
  4. The physical challenges for Cycle V will be designed to push you farther than you are accustomed. Get ready to give it your all!
  5. There will be no teams. We want to encourage the global community aspect of the challenge and the team undermined that

This is a bittersweet moment for all of us, but remember that while the program may not be returning, the community will always be here. You’ve all made great bonds and friendships through #SexyShred and we want you to continue to use them for support as you all continue your journey towards becoming a happier, healthier you!

Those are the major changes for the FINAL cycle. Jan 9 - Feb 6. Want to change your life? Join us!

No. More. Excuses. :)

#SexyShred Cycle V Registration Reminder!

We’re less than two weeks away from registration! Two big changes are coming with this cycle:

  1. Registration is one week only (see dates below)
  2. We are only accepting 350 people.

Make sure to mark the dates on your calendars! 


The dates are here! After a fall hiatus, #SexyShred will be returning in January to help you get your year started off right.

Cycle V begins Jan 9, 2014 and ends February 6, 2014 

REGISTRATION begins Dec 15, 2013 and ends Dec 22, 2013.

For more information, email FJSexyShredInfo@gmail.com